Royal Greenhouses in Brussels

Every building is ancient and unique. There is a wonderful conservatory with a glass dome, inside which there are huge columns. There you can see slender majestic palm trees that reach a height of ten meters. The space is organized so that guests could see all the beauty tens of thousands of flowers.

Thematic areas and gardens have their own characteristics. In the Congo House there are exotic plants, statues of gods and objects of the ancient tribes that create the illusion of staying in hot Africa.

There is a greenhouse named Princess Diana, Mirror greenhouse, a magnificent rose garden, which contains many of the "queens of flowers".

On the 100 meters flower alley one can see fragrant hydrangeas, fuchsias, geraniums and azaleas. Bright colors leave no one indifferent. There is a separate greenhouse with orchids. The flowers of ideal forms and variety of shapes and colors delight visitors, who are more than 130 thousand when the greenhouses work. Japanese castle with a real pagoda has many plants brought from Asia. Chinese Garden introduces the culture of the ancient country and many exotic plants. Delicate cherries delight guests with beautiful flowers and a marvelous aroma.