Salar de Uyuni – Where Sky Meets the Ground

In this place the vast expanses of salt marsh combine reality with fantasy; it seems that heaven and earth merged into one entity, the horizon line disappears and space is distorted.

In the old days, about 40 thousand years ago in this area was a huge lake Minchin, which gradually dried up. Now 10.582 square km - is the largest area of ​​the salt marsh in the world, at the altitude of 3650 m.

A thick layer of salt reaches a depth from 2 to 8 meters. In the rainy season every year, a thin layer of transparent water covers a total area of ​​salt miracle. This huge mirror reflects everything around - the sky, mountains, floating clouds, and sunlight. Spectacular picture in gentle tones absorbs the attention and does not let to look up from the fantastic scenery.

People in the photographs taken on Uyuni lake look like small dots in the vast strange universe covered in clouds. Anyone who has ever been in that wonderful world, leave there a piece of heart.