Special Aspects of Flying on Air Balloon

You can arrange a single or couple flight, with a family, or even in a group of up to 12 people. For any flight a pilot aeronaut will be running the air balloon, turning off and on the burner.

With regard to the cost of flights, the price will vary, primarily depending on the number of people in the cart, the flight program, the size of the balloon and complexity of the flight.

It is a unique idea for a romantic date (surprise), marriage proposal, birthday (anniversary), or any other celebration. Usually the flights are organized either early in the morning or in the evening, when layers of air are warmed up evenly. As for the time of year, there are no restrictions. In winter the flights can be conducted throughout the day; however weather plays an important role for the flight. In no case the balloon should be raised into the air in a strong wind, storm, rain, or poor visibility. In all other cases, the ballooning is absolutely safe and suspenseful.