The Gates Into Another World in England

Glastonbury City, next to which is a unique monument of nature and history, attracts the attention of many tourists.

Researchers of anomalous zones and uncharted places believe that the hill, which height reaches 145 meters, is the gateway to another dimension and parallel worlds. Natural hill has strange scarps, created by human hands. The number seven, according to the researchers, is not accidental and tells about the mystical meaning of the hill.

Some people believe that these are ancient Celtic trails running along the slopes of the hill, while others see them as strange labyrinths. Yet there is also a mundane version according to which on the slopes of high hill the ancient Celts had gardens. Anything is possible, because this area was really inhibited by Celtic settlement in V-III centuries BC.

Folk legends also say that on top of the hill is the entrance to the magical world - Avalon and Fairyland, where there is no sorrow and grief. Great King Arthur's sword was forged precisely in Avalon, and after his last battle a proud ruler got there.