The Most Expensive Hotel in the World

The hotel complex is visible from afar; the imagination of architects is just fantastic. There are three 55- story towers, which serve as columns and three-deck ship with area of 12.4 thousand sq.m placed on top of them.

On the upper deck there is a great "Heaven park". The number of plant species in green area is amazing - more than 800. But these are not all miracles. Among flowering shrubs and exotic trees there is a huge 150-meter swimming pool and an artificial waterfall. It is the largest outdoor pool among all in the world located at such a height. The visitors can spend 14-20 dollars and feel themselves like in paradise. However, swimming in the pool is allowed only for the guests of the hotel.

The cost of a double room starts at $ 400 per night. Inside the hotel complex is as beautiful as from the outside. This 5-star complex has 2560 luxurious rooms, several restaurants, expensive boutiques, showroom, casino and a theater, spas and gyms. Tourists come to the delight of a true Venetian canal with gracefully floating gondolas. The decorative bridges cross the water and it looks like a piece of Italy in the hot Asian country.