The Mystery and Beauty of Schwarzwald

Black Forest is located in the south of the country. There are big and small cities, railway, scenic mountains, deep waters and unique culture. But the most unique richness of this land is an ancient, dense forest.

Dark tall spruces make up a large part of the forest, which is why the name is black. Underground there are deposits of granite and cobalt. Brown bushes sheltered many forest dwellers. Here you can meet foxes, wolves, owls. Amazing local cows are the attraction of the Black Forest.

In the shadow of the dense fir trees there are beautiful ponds: streams, rivers, and waterfalls. The Danube River flowing through several European countries has its origins here, under the forest canopy.

Falls of the Black Forest, which are known far beyond the borders of the country, are the highest in Germany. Deep lakes, boulders covered with moss, and tall fir - all shrouded in mystery.