The Youngest Painter on the Planet

Her first exhibition was held, when she was just 2 years. The girl has a creative family that supports her in everything: father - artist, mother - photographer, and grandfather - a professional painter.

Aelita has everything for drawing: own workshop, canvases, lots of paints, sequins, and foil. Childs imagination finds the way out, while young artist is very concentrated and with responsibility creates more of new masterpieces.

Her paintings are found critical acclaim from artists around the world. Experts note that girl’s works are distinguished by special role of color, composition, and movement. Aelita creates in a form of the game: putting figures on the canvas she pours rivers of paint and mixes different components.

Her paintings, made in the style of abstract art, sometimes resemble space. Pictures whisper to us that it is never too late to become a child again. Even Picasso said: "In order to learn to draw like a child, I needed a whole life".