Thermal Hungarian Resort in Heviz

The radioactive thermal water in Heviz renews itself every 28 hours, as the source that feeds the wonderful lake, gives it 86 million liters of water throughout the day. In some places the depth reaches 38 meters and water surface area is ​​over 4.4 hectares. In summer, the water warms to 33-35, and in the winter - does not fall below 22 degrees. The vapor on the surface of the water in cold season doesn’t allow the water cool down, so the temperature is quite warm for swimming all year round.

The thermal water contains a unique set of minerals, microorganisms, which in combination with other factors can fight against many diseases: rheumatism, inflammation of the spine, arthritis, a whole range of joint diseases of different origin, disorders of the nervous system, chronic gynecological diseases.

Of particular value is the therapeutic mud, which covers the bottom of the reservoir with a thick layer. It contains bacteria that produce an antibiotic that kills pathogens; due to this fact the lake water is free from harmful bacteria.

Around the unique reservoir is a dense forest on an area of about 34 hectares, which creates a favorable microclimate that protects the resort from dust, wind and noise.

The surface of a lake is covered with very beautiful red lilies, which have been specially imported from India. Bright spots of the beautiful delicate flowers enliven the water surface and amaze the visitors.

Since the specific composition of the water and the heat is not available for all living beings, fauna and flora of Heviz includes some species that are found only here. Among them: the sulfur bacteria, blue algae, coastal reed, and ray fungi.