Tropical Island Water Park in Germany

In the heart of Europe in Germany there is an amazing water park "Tropical Islands", which makes the dream about tropical vacation come true.

The entrepreneurial designers and founders decided to convert an abandoned aircraft hangar into a fantastic water park. This ambitious project was strongly supported by the German authorities.

A huge pavilion has a width of 210, height 107 and length - 360 meters. Inside the hangar there are numerous water slides, rides, pools, "sea" and "lagoon", thematic areas, tribal villages and beaches with white sand. Climate completely recreates the conditions of the tropics. The temperature in any season + 28C, humidity: 30-60%.

Anyone who gets into the giant park is surprised by: alluring world of green palm trees, exotic plants, delicate flowers, waterfalls, people playing beach volleyball, and kids frolicking in the pool.

Rainforest "Flower World" is filled with exotic plants and delicate orchids, majestic palm trees and quiet mangroves. The "Laguna Bali" has a jacuzzi, waterfall, sandy beach with an area nearly 900sq.m. This enormous pool is always full of tourists. In the "South Sea" there are two islands.

Tropical Villages reflect life and national traditions of different countries: "Bali", "Borneo", "Congo", "Polynesia", "Thailand", "Amazon" are now much closer to guests from all over Europe.

There is also the tallest water tower (25m), which is equipped with four water slides. Now anyone who wants to tickle own nerves can easily do so. Many tours to Germany include the visit to "Tropical Islands" park, which may become an unforgettable memory.