Unusual Plant Cannonball Tree

A huge tree reaches a height of 30-35 meters. The name of the plant was due to round fruits that are very similar to the big cannonballs. The fruits hang all way down the trunk.

The tree itself is very beautiful. Lianas with bright fragrant flowers grow directly from the trunk and branches of this unusual plant. The inflorescences form the ovary. Brown fruits of large spherical form ripe after 9 months. Their diameter is about 20 cm or more.

Despite the fact that the flowers are very beautiful, ripe fruits fall to the ground with a great noise and it resembles a volley of cannon. Fruits may accidentally cause harm to passers-by in the vicinity. The warning signs "Beware of cannonballs" are placed everywhere to prevent accidents.

The nectar in the flowers of this strange tree is missing. Edible pollen, in the depths of the flower attracts butterflies and other insects that pollinate the plant.

The flesh of a ripe fruit resembles jelly, but the taste is unpleasant and may cause allergic reactions. When a natural "cannonball" falls to the ground and breaks, the flesh changes its color due to the air, and gradually it becomes blue. The shell of the fruits is very hard. Locals use it for the manufacture of tableware and giftware. The aroma of flowers can be used for the production of fragrances in the perfume industry.