Vale de Lua – Moon Surface on Earth

The valley terrain is all covered with rock formations and intricate labyrinths created by nature. In ancient times, there were deposits of quartz. But the noisy river San Miguel has streamed lots of passages over the years.

Now, quartz rocks hang over the pond and the holes of different shapes remind those seen on the moon. Due to the different degrees of refraction of light water in some places seems to be dark blue, in other - clear and transparent. Dark brown and almost black, sometimes bluish-gray rocks vary in height and shape.

Such miracle undoubtedly shows that the forces of nature are capable of creating the most unusual landscapes. In Brazil, Vale de Lua unusual relief appeared also due to the presence of sand. Gradually, layer after layer, it was brought there with river’s stream, settled on the coastal cliffs and formed numerous mounds an unusual shape.

If looking a little closer you will notice that in some places the quartz rock thinned to such an extent that its thickness does not exceed the thickness of a sheet of paper. The magnificent landscape of small lakes is completed with waterfalls.